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Fjord Adventure in the Nærøyfjord
Sunrise in NærøyfjordKayaking has become a popular way to explore the Norwegian Fjords. Close by many of the fjords there are possibilities for both guiding and kayak rental. You can combine kayaking in the fjords and lakes with walking or skiing in the surrounding mountains and this adds an extra zest to the trips.

Kayaking and Hiking
The first trip I´ll describe here is from the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord, two branches of the 204 kilometre long Sognefjord. We paddled out of the Nærøyfjord and in to the Aurlandsfjord and left the kayaks below Stigen Farm. We then walked up to Beitelen mountain and from here we had superb views to the two fjords we just left.

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NærøyfjordNærøyfjordThe Nærøyfjord
We met at Gudvangen, the innermost part of the Nærøyfjord. It was the last day of July, and the weather had been wonderful for many days. Six friends were looking forward to spend the next three days in the Nærøyfjord area and soon we were paddling on the fjord in our kayaks. We had been looking forward to this day for a long time and it was a happy and excited gang who were kayaking out the Nærøyfjord. We took our time and enjoyed the fantastic surrounding nature. The goal for the day was Salthella, a beautiful beach between Dyrdal and Styvi. This is in the middle of the Nærøyfjord which is 19 kilometres long. Salthella must be the world´s most beautiful camp site!


The camp site at Salthella
We arrived at Salthella in the late afternoon and put up the tents behind the beach. Some of us collected drift-wood and soon we had our dinner ready. It was a fantastic evening beside the open fireplace and afterwards some of us had a small trip with the kayaks; it was exciting to paddle below the vertical rocks in complete darkness. It was past midnight when we eventually crept into the sleepingbags in what was a warm, still night in the Sognefjord.

Nærøyfjord Nærøyfjord Nærøyfjord Aurlandsfjord Nærøyfjord

The fjord - smooth as a millpond
We awoke early before six o'clock, the reason was a fantastic sight from the camp. In front of us we could see the Nærøyfjord, as smooth as a millpond. The sky was clear blue and a cruise ship sailed towards us on the horizon. It could not have been more beautiful; this was the Sognefjord at its very best. We packed shoes, ruck-sacks and food in the kayaks and before seven o'clock we were afloat on the fjord. The goal was the Aurlandsfjord and it was still early morning when we went ashore at the outlet of the Nærøyfjord. Here we had breakfast before we continued towards Beitelen and into the Aurlandsfjord.


Stigen Farm and Beitelen
We went ashore at the quay below Stigen Farm. This is the starting point towards Beitelen, almost 700 metres above the fjord. We walked up to Stigen, the path is steep and airy, but is easy to walk. After a short break at Stigen we continued walking upwards and many steep metres later we were at the top. From Beitelen it is a stunning view towards the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord. If you stumble here you can end straight into the fjord almost 700 metres below you!

Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord
Aurlandsfjord Nærøyfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Stigen

Fjord swim in the Aurlandsfjord
The return down back to Stigen and the Aurlandsfjord was quick and we were sweaty and tired by the time we arrived back at the quay at the Aurlandsfjord. We jumped in the fjord for a refreshing swim before paddling back towards the Nærøyfjord and the camp at Salthella. I paddled towards Dyrdal to visit my old friend Signe. I met Signe many years ago on my first trip in the Nærøyfjord with a kayak. Since then we had stayed in touch and I always visit Signe when I am in the area. The evening was spent at Salthella. We enjoyed the dinner by the fireplace after a long and tough day on the fjord and in the mountains.

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The journey home and Styvi Farm
The next day was time for our journey home. We cleared the camp and crossed the fjord to Styvi. Here we went ashore to meet Kjellaug og Botolv. After a nice stay at Styvi we continued paddling the Nærøyfjord towards Gudvangen and here we dived into the fjord for the last time. We thanked each other for a fantastic adventure on the fjord; it was time for our farewells and so we went in all directions towards our homes and families :-)

Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Aurlandsfjord Nærøyfjord
Nærøyfjord Signe i Nærøyfjorden Nærøyfjord Styvi Nærøyfjord og Gudvangen
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