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Cycling along Rallarvegen (the Navvies Road)

AurlandsdalenOne of the finest and most famous cycle roads in Norway is the 82-kilometre long Rallarvegen (the Navvies Road) running from Haugastøl via Finse to Flåm. The most popular part of the cycle route is from Finse, at 1222 metres above sea level, to Flåm down by the Sognefjord. Book cycles at Haugastøl, Finse or Myrdal, travel by the Bergen Railway to the starting destinations, and cycle down to Flåm. You can leave your cycles down at Flåm.

Haugastøl (1000m) to Finse (1222m) - 27 kilometres
Rallarvegen starts right at the Haugastøl Tourist Centre. You can rent bikes or bike-packages containing accommodation, meals and bike hire from here. Luggage can, if desired, be sent between the train stations at Haugastøl, Finse, Myrdal and Flåm. The cycle-road from Haugastøl to Finse have a rise of 222 metres and here you have beautiful scenery and many cultural relics from the time when the Bergen Railway was built.
Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen
Credit: Tomasz Furmanek

Finse (1222m) to Hallingskeid (1110m) - 21 kilometres
Finse is the highest point on the Bergen Railway. Now you are in the high mountains and don´t be surprised if there is snow on parts of the road well into the autumn. At Finse you can also rent bikes and spend the night, either at the Hotel Finse 1222 or Finsehytta Mountain Lodge. From here the cycle-road is rising up to
Lake Fagervatnet (1343masl) which is the highest point on Rallarvegen. From here it is more or less downhill all the way to Flåm. Be aware the road may be in poor condition in minor parts of the road so remember a repair kit and necessary equipment in case of a puncture. At Finse you can see the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier with its ice cap and icefalls. At Fagernut you can have a tour at the exhibition and taste rallarvafler (waffles) and sluskesuppe (soup). Hallingskeid is a self-service cabin, and here you can stay overnight if you want to spend several days in the mountains.

Hallingskeid (1110m) to Vatnahalsen (811m) - 17 kilometres
Soon you will be leaving the high mountain scenery. It becomes progressively wilder and steeper, and you realize that you are approaching the western part of the country. There may be some steep and narrow parts for short distances and at these points you may want to get off the bike and push it. Close to Myrdal you pass Vatnahalsen Mountain Hotel. From here it is a steep run down the 21 hairpin bends to the Flåmsdalen Valley that is the end of Rallarvegen. It is recommended toget off and push the bike at the steepest part as it is extreme and the road is rocky and in poor condition in parts.
Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen Rallarvegen

Vatnahalsen (811m) to Flåm ( 1m) - 17 kilometres
We are now at the upper part of the Flåmsdalen Valley and from here it is standard road down to Flåm. The road is narrow and winding, but nice to ride. It is important to take it easy, for there may be oncoming traffic. The Flåmsdalen Valley is wonderful. This is Norwegian nature at its best. Steep mountains, vertical waterfalls, fast-flowing rivers and green valleys. Enjoy the ride, stop and look back, listen to the sounds of nature, drink the crystal clear water from the streams and breathe in the fresh, invigourating air. Soon you are down by the fjord where new adventures await you.

Flåm and Aurland are great starting points for other activities. Stay a few days extra and walk the Aurlandsdalen Valley or the Royal Post Road along the Nærøyfjord (UNESCO World Heritage). From Bakka at Gudvangen you can hike up the Rimstigen path to the Rimstigfjellet Mountain (1296masl). From here you have a fantastic view down to the Nærøyfjord. You can join a Fjord Safari, a RIB-boat that takes you into the Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. Down in Flåm you can also rent a kayak and join a guided kayak trip of the fjord. Visit Undredal, a small village down by the Aurlandsfjord, which has the smallest stave church in Norway and is well known for its white and brown goat´s cheeses. Discover the Flåm Railway, one of Norway's most beautiful railways. Visit the Stegastein lookout above Aurland with stunning views of the Aurlandsfjord. The possibilities are many and the choice is yours.

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