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Skiing in Jotunheimen - the roof of Norway

Hurrungane og Ringstind in JotunheimenJotunheimen is high, untouched, wild and beautiful. Jotunheimen is the roof of Norway, and has endless possibilities for skiing. Skiing from hut to hut at the Norwegian Touring Association's many huts is popular. Or skiing to the top of the many mountains in the area. The easiest accessible mountains during the winter are Hurrungene in Sogn. In may, when the Sognefjellet Mountain Road openes, Sognefjellet is a great starting point for skiing. We also have the mountains in the Galdhøpiggen area with the Galdhøpiggen Summerski Centre. And East Jotunheimen in the Tyin and Eidsbugarden area.


View from GaldhøpiggenGaldhøpiggen - Norways highest mountain
Galdhøpiggen (2469 metres above sea level) is Norways highest mountain, but is easily accessed from Juvasshytta and Galdhøpiggen
Summer Ski Centre. Here the road ends at above 1800 metre altitude. Early spring and late autumn it is probably ok to ski across the Styggebreen Glacier to the top. But ask local guides about the conditions on the glacier, it is not without reason it is called Styggebreen (ugly glacier). During the summer there are guided trips from Juvasshytta several times a day. You cross the glacier tied up in rope. If you are skiing you need approximately 2 hours, the guided trips last longer. You probably need to carry the skis across a narrow edge, depending on the snow condition. It can be a bit scary if the snow is hard. At the top there is a fantastic view over Norways alpine landscape. Nothing above...nothing beside. If the snow is good, you can enjoy some telemarkturns before you reach the Styggebreen Glacier. Then you keep a straight line towards the Summer Ski Centre.


Fjord Tours and Norway in a Nutshell Fjord Tours - Norway in a Nutshell Pulpit Rock Preikestolen Geirangerfjord & Norway in a Nutshell by Fjord Tours
Store Ringstind.Store Ringstind (2124 metres above sea level) is perfect for telemark skiing in april to may. You start from Turtagrø (900 metres above sea level), into Riingsdalen at the east side of Dyrhaugsryggen. Almost at the end of the valley you take to the left up a steep mountainside, before you arrive at the glacier. Continue on the glacier under Midtmaradalstindene to Riingsskardet. From here straight up, you may take off your skis the last 50 steep metres. When you ski down, avoid the crevasse in the middle of the glacier. It should be fairly easy to see, but it can be covered with snow! Take care! Back at Turtagrø you can sit on the veranda and enjoy the view towards the mountains you've just been on (1200 metres vertical drop).
Store Skagastølstind and DyrhaugsryggenDyrhaugsryggen (>2100 metres above sea level) close to Store Riingstind, is another fantastic mountain for Telemark-skiing. Also here you start from Turtagrø. You see the top while your walking, so this is fairly easy ski trip. (1200 metres vertical drop).
Storebjørn. Photo: Reidar BrandsbergStorebjørn (2222 metres above sea level) at Sognefjell. You start at Krossbu, follow the course of the river up to Visbreen glacier. Turn to the right at the glacier (avoid the large depression on the glacier) and then up to Bjørneskaret. From here you ski down a few metres on the backside of Bjørneskaret before you go up to Storebjørn. You walk on a glacier to the very top. Take care at the big crevasse in the middle of Storebjørn, walk on the high side. (900m vertical drop).

FannaraakenFanaråken (2068 metres above sea level) at Sognefjell. Start at the dike at the west end of Prestesteinsvatnet lake. Cross the dike, then continue to the glacier and up the ridge at the north end of Fanaråken. Continue to the top. Be careful if it's foggy, pretty steep down at all sides. Enjoy the fantastic view. From here you can see the inner part of Sogn, Sognefjell, Jotunheimen, Jostedals glacier etc. (709 metres vertical drop).

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